Perspective | Pastor Paul McCart

Why This Blog?

People have shared with me that I have helped them by relating the Christian faith to every day life in a down to earth, upbeat, and often, comical way. Through this blog, it is my hope that viewpoints I share will help you to live the amazing life that God desires for you.

I am a pastor with over 20 years of ministry experience and I’ve also worked in the corporate world for a few years before becoming a pastor.  In both vocations, I am proud of the fact that I was part of bringing good things to life. Sorry, I couldn’t help myself with the General Electric reference, but it’s true.

More About Pastor Paul McCart

Pastor Paul loves hanging out with family and friends and meeting new people. Basically, he is a people person who likes to laugh and try new things.  Paul is always up for an adventure, except maybe camping because of his history with that activity, which is a story for another time. He likes MMA and all martial arts. Pastor Paul is a huge UFC fan and will watch karate movies with out of sync subtitles. He likes participating in and watching sports of all kinds, even bowling, but he wonders if bowling can be called a sport…just saying. Pastor Paul McCart likes watching game shows, any Marvel superhero movie, and cool TV shows like The Walking Dead, Fast and Loud, Alaskan Bush People and Psych. Paul also love to see good comedians like Tim Hawkins, Michael Jr. and Jim Gaffigan to name a few. It’s hard for him to pick a favorite movie but Tombstone and Sandlot rank near the top.



Family and Friends



Basically, I’m your normal average guy who is deeply committed to his faith and family, and apparently has watched too much TV.  Most of all, I am a person whom God has called upon to help people in real ways that they can relate to so they can experience the life God has in store for them!